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About Kent Pigeon Control.

Kent Pigeon Control is based in Ashford and is a locally run business that covers all of Kent for pest bird control work.

Our work is completed to the highest standard meeting the clients exact demands to ensure we get rid of any existing problems.

The products we install are of the highest quality - designed to last and do their job!

We work closely with our clients from the very first telephone call to the installation of any pigeon deterrents and also provide aftercare services, maintenance programs for certain products and free advice whenever needed.

Using us to get rid of pigeon problems.

We provide a fast response and can usually get to work installing pigeon deterrents within 7 days after completing a site survey, conducting risk assessments and providing the necessary documentation required by clients.

All work is carried out in compliance with Natural England and the Country and Wildlife Act 1981. The bird control products we use are designed to deter and alter the habits of the offending pigeons and not cause any harm to them.

You can find out more about our pigeon control solutions here.

Some of our pigeon and bird prevention work


Kent Pigeon Control Services

We can help with your pest pigeon problem!

This is a typical scene we come across where great numbers of pigeons descend on one area causing huge problems. Clean up operations are always advised before completing any installation work.

Pigeon Netting - Flexible, long lasting and fire retardant. Can be installed over expansive areas and available in different colours.
Bird Spikes. Totally harmless and designed to stop pigeons roosting on ledges, shop signs, window ledges, roof edges. Available in different sizes and materials.
Avishock. Low voltage bird deterrent system designed for clients who prefer a more discreet way of managing pest pigeons.

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